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Any agency can design a pretty logo, but that’s not what we do. Mecca Branding Lab is here to disrupt the branding industry with paradigm-busting methodology using our unique Identity Alignment Model™. This process enables us to co-create exceptional brands that reflect the most important aspects of a business; it’s people.

"They delivered every step of the way."


Landon Ford, Senior Marketing Director

"I came away with a reinvigorated passion for what I do."


Daniel O’Neill, Author & Coach

"Uber creative and easy to work with."


Stephanie Jennings, Speaker & Coach

"Thank you for being so wonderful, professional, knowledgeable and informative."


Nadine Moxon, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

"WOW did they deliver!!"


Shannon Confair, Celebrity Photographer 

"The experience was excellent."


Kay Somji, Digital Entrepreneur & Coach

"I will be back for more!"


Julia Martin, Reiki Master & RMT

"Fluid, straight forward, and informed."


Justin Harwood, Funnel Strategist

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ash and her team!"


Aaron Chalmers, Real Estate Professional

"The process was simple, fast, and fun!"


Devesh Dwivedi, Certified Business Coach

"Do you want to grow your business? Then you need Ash and her team on your side!"


Ashley Meadahl, Social Media Expert & Business Coach

"Working with [mecca] was a dream come true."


Nadine Crespo, Leadership Coach

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